Jose Geraldo Reis Pfau`s hobby (57 years old), born and raised in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, is a collection of pieces of art made of motorcycle miniatures. The inspiration for the sculptures came from other similar pieces of art. He started this project using regular keys, developing motorcycle images. Through research in publications and web sites he got to know of other artists who have been working on a similar project. There are wonderful pieces of work made of wood, potery, screws, wires, but the ones identified exclusively with pieces of watches and glasses seem to be something new.

The watches were the source of his inspiration, collected through a shop`s advertising campaign. Alexandre Ranieri Peters, a personal friend and the shop owner created a campaign where whoever wanted to buy a new watch or a pair of glasses could give their old ones as a first instalment.

These miniature motorcycles look very much real. Metal, glass, aluminium plastic, silver and even gold pieces are put together, creating very different forms.

J.G.R.Pfau`s passion for motorcycles began in the sixties. He used to have several types of motorcycles, and all of them were modified and some inspired on the movie "Easy Rider".

Pfau makes the miniatures on the weekends. It is a personal collection and they are not for sale yet, but he hopes to be able to sell them in the future. He owns more them 200 miniatures at the moment. In the beginning the pieces were applied on wood frames to be hung on walls. They then became three-dimensional pieces, developing into sculptures. His work of art has been exposed to the public in jewelry fairs, and he also intends to expose in the major Brazilian cities and also in other countries. He is constantly giving interviews for articles in newspapers and television.